MissionEssential All Source Analyst in South Korea

Produce intelligence products associated with researching, analyzing and evaluation of North Korea, military political leadership, national military strategy, strategic doctrine, regional relations, security issues and their collective impact on our position.; Shall assist senior analysts in research, analysis, and production of intelligence assessments pertaining to a specific country and/or region based on their political and/or military capabilities to ensure all significant developments relating to those items are continually identified, evaluated, monitored and reported through the appropriate crisis intelligence alternatives.; Conduct initial internal researches utilizing a variety of all-source intelligence databases to obtain, interpret, compile and integrate data to support the development of intelligence reports.; Maintain and manipulate databases, data products, shared directories, and data formats as required.; ;Assist in preparing studies, publications, briefings, and the tracking of requirements via the chain of command.; Conduct all-source research and analysis across the intelligence disciplines, with primary focus on air, naval, ground, Political and Economic (P&E), missile, Special Operations Forces (SOF), and Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).; ;Shall coordinate intelligence production requirements for national level customers, unified commands and services to support policymakers, joint acquisition community members, the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), allied forces and others, as required, utilizing requirements management systems.; Assist in identifying potential high interest intelligence data through extensive data mining of intelligence community websites and open source materials.; ;Participate in coordinating, monitoring and integrating intelligence while ensuring timely, comprehensive and accurate responses.; Identify intelligence information disparities, specify collection requirements to fill the gaps in information, evaluate resulting intelligence collected in response to the modification to collection and determine the best analytical approach for future collection.; Based on intelligence collected, develop and project data used to draw conclusions and estimate probabilities based on historical and current collection data.