MissionEssential Policy Integrator/Liaison (Korean National Contractor) in South Korea

The Policy Integrator/Liaison will be JIOC-K’s primary liaison with Senior ROK intelligence leadership personnel to enable discussion and bilateral decision-making concerning intelligence transformation, ROK intelligence reform, and intelligence C4I interoperability.; Serve as the primary link to ROK OPCON Transfer Intelligence team and ROK Military Intelligence Management System-Combined development team. Engage with senior ROK intelligence personnel to provide information for key General/Flag Officers on contentious intelligence topics/issues. Coordinate official and non-official memorandums, agreements, and briefing content concerning transformation and C4I interoperability between JIOC-K and ROK agencies. Ensure proper translation of all meetings and briefings involved. Communicate and relay JIOC-K vision for combined intelligence operations. Attend senior level meetings and briefings to facilitate synchronization across US/ROK Intelligence Communities. Primary advisor concerning ROK intent and ability to achieve transformational and interoperability objectives. Establish and develop ROK points of contact to further information sharing. Facilitate ROK compliance with deadlines through coordination with ROK officers. Coordinate with ROK JCS and CFC staff Intelligence elements on all real-time intelligence issues. Coordinate to ensure proper translations and interpret during major theater during major theater exercises. Serve as SME concerning the organization of the ROK Intelligence Community and Theater’s combined intelligence networks, organizations, assets and collection capabilities. Advise the JIOC-K Director of Production on how to best utilize/ingest Korean information into US systems.;;