MissionEssential Targeting/Imagery Analyst in South Korea

Develops target nominations, creates database records and target intelligence products. Research Target System Analysis to produce the following products IAW CJSI 3370: Physical Description, Target Significance, Expectation, Collateral Damage Concerns and Functional Characterization Sources. Coordinate with Target Vetting with other Combat Commands and External Intelligence Agencies. Develop Intermediate Target Development Trackers and Target Vetting Trackers. Assisted Components with submission of Target Development Nominations (TDN) for future vetting nominations. Conduct basic, intermediate and advanced target development. Study command’s priorities to make recommendations for Target Development. Produce white papers and briefings to assist J2 leadership on on-going Intermediate Target Development processes. Manage, update and coordinate the commands target lists in the Joint Targeting Toolbox (JTT) and MIDB to include Target Folders Candidate Target List (CTL) No Strike List (NSL), Joint Target List (JTL) and data management procedures. Support planning efforts with operations and planners. Serve as SME for Target Automation, such as JTT, NPW, and MIDB; updating databases, products, shared directories and data formats on multiple networks. Manage access to automation tools and coordinate with system engineers to ensure uptime of commands targeting systems. Conduct all-source analysis across target intelligence disciplines, with primary focus on air, naval, ground, missile, long range artillery (LRA) command and control, special operations forces (SOF) and weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Examine links, nodes, vulnerabilities, interdependencies and critical elements on enemy target systems. De-conflict target intelligence assessments. Attend and serve as the SME in conferences, meetings, exercises and working groups. Identify intelligence information disparities and collection requirements to fill the gaps in intelligence. Assist in development and the disseminations of Target Management SOP. Exploit and analyze multi-sensor imagery in conjunction with all-source intelligence information. Prepares damage assessment reports detailing structural damage and weapons effects. Constructs queries and retrieves historical files to conduct comparative analysis. Use softcopy imagery (CGS) to exploit, perform mensuration, annotate and disseminate imagery products. Perform precise mensuration of multi-sensor imagery. Compile imagery derived data into detailed target assessments.; ;;