Vinnell Arabia Aircraft Electrical and Avionics Repairman in United States


Supervises, inspects and performs ACM, and ASC maintenance on aircraft electrical, avionics components. Performs maintenance on the electrical/avionics/armament/fire control/radar/visionics/ASE systems and components associated with the MD530 aircraft using the specific (ULLS-A-E), appropriate aircraft (MD530) Operators Manual, Maintenance Test Flight Manual, aircraft Check List Manual, and any customer or specific directives. Diagnoses and repairs aircraft systems and components malfunctions including solid state and transistorized devices according to the appropriate technical manuals, directives and safety procedures. Performs scheduled and unscheduled aircraft maintenance actions, authorized modifications and alignment of weapons components, fire control/radar units, sighting elements/visionics, ASE, electronic and mechanical devices, and instruments. Uses common measuring tools necessary for performing the tasks described herein, precision measuring tools and alignment fixtures. Handles aircraft electronics and it pertains to ammunitions, performs weapon system loading/unloading, arming and de-arming, and weapon subsystems configuration changes for all aircraft weapons and fire control systems within the scope of this contract. Performs aircraft systems operational checks. Test, troubleshoots, and repair aircraft systems test sets and diagnostic equipment. Assist Customer and in the requisition and maintenance of Shop and Bench stock items for repair of aircraft electrical systems, armament, ASE, , avionics, instrument, fire control, radar and visionic systems. Uses and performs operator maintenance on common and special tools, AGSE and PGSE. Prepares aircraft maintenance forms and records. Train Customer and personnel in the use of all applicable technical publications, tools, test equipment, and special equipment applicable to the discipline of aircraft maintenance, enabling them to become effective Electrical/Avionics Technicians. Ensures that all related maintenance operations are conducted in a safe manner.

A. Duties/responsibilities:

  1. Ensures that MD530 avionic and electrical maintenance functional activities and procedures among designated organizations are planned, coordinated, integrated, and synchronized to achieve established platform operational readiness (OR) rates IAW contractual requirements.

  2. Responsible for the compliance with established maintenance systems, processes, procedures and reports that provide immediate situational awareness of platform OR rates.

  3. Establishes daily maintenance operational goals, objectives and priorities for implementation in order to achieve stated OR rates.

  4. Oversees the daily avionics and electrical maintenance management of individually assigned aircraft in support of the Aviation Maintenance PC Manager, in conjunction with the Aviation Logistics and Supply Division Manager activities for related platform parts and spares.

  5. Works within the maintenance quality control processes, procedures, standards.

  6. Reports to direct inquires, investigations, and research analysis related to aviation maintenance of MD530 and supporting maintenance activities to the Aviation Maintenance Production Control Manager.

  7. Responsible for the individual avionics and electrical maintenance training, job book currency and qualifications of assigned Customer maintenance personnel.

  8. Supervises the following individuals:

  9. Junior MD530 Crew chiefs and mechanics (assigned to the electrical and Avionics shop)

  10. Customer Crew Chiefs and mechanics assigned to avionics / electrical shop.

  11. Coordinates activities and requirements for maintenance operations support with the Shops manager and production control Manager.

  12. Coordinates through production control for daily and weekly maintenance training activities and requirements with the Institutional Training Division Manager.

  13. Supports a professional development program in support of Saudization-localization.

  14. Ensures all maintenance operations and related maintenance support activities are conducted in a safe manner.

  15. Supports, in coordination with the PC manager and Flight Operations Manager, the Downed Aircraft Recovery Team (DART) process and procedure.

B. Independence: Performs within the broad guidelines of duties and responsibilities with significant choice of methods. Authority to select and implement goals and objectives within the execution of duties and responsibilities.

C. Supervisory Responsibilities: Primary supervisor of avionics and electricians maintainers assigned to shop or aircraft. Overall supervisory responsible for and electricians maintainers personnel. Accountable for electricians maintainers shop property.


*A. Education Level: *High school diploma required; Associates degree preferred. Airframe and Power Plant (A&P;) Certification required. Military: Successfully completed, and be qualified by the appropriate U.S. Government armed forces aircraft avionics/armament/fire control/ASE maintenance course or civilian equivalent training or Factory training preferred.

B. Experience: Former Avionics mechanic experience required. Former Aviation Quality control preferred. 8 years’ experience in Army Aviation Operations preferred. Experience within the last 2 years required.

C. Specific knowledge, skill, and ability requirements: Demonstrated knowledge and experience of rotary wing Aviation operations inclusive of maintenance, Aviation logistics, flight operations and training. Certificates: Army Aviation Crew Chief certification with rating in AH-6 or MD530 civilian equivalent or OH-58D desired. FAA, A&P; certificate or equivalent required. Proficient in the use of computer-hosted interactive technical manuals, aircraft maintenance forms, and other aircraft related documentation. Demonstrated past performance and experience in overhauling MD530/AH6 or OH58D avionics and electrical equipment types. Army service school instructor or civilian equivalent teaching experience for AH6/MD530 electronics mechanics preferred. Ability to communicate both orally and written. Ability to effectively deal with people in the supervision of staff and team members. Ability to effectively communicate with the customer in a professional and courteous manner. Possesses a valid driver’s license.

ID: 2018-2788

Category: Aviation Institutional Training Division (AITD)