Vinnell Arabia Chief, Automation Operations Section (AOS) in United States


Chief of Operations (CHOPS) Maintenance Operations Branch – Eastern Region (MOB-ER) reports to the MOB-ER Manager with the duties and responsibilities to act as the single point of contact for all external maintenance, training reports and support activities, maintenance and training calendar management, parts tracking and analysis, Equipment Requirement Listings (ERLs) management, special projects management, and general oversight of administrative activities.

A. Duties/Responsibilities:

  1. Reviews, modifies, develops and/or formulates maintenance plans/policies and procedures for managing, operating and coordinating maintenance activities.
  2. Assists the branch manager in coordinating external resources to accomplish maintenance and training missions.
  3. Assists the branch manager in establishing goals and objectives for maintenance, training and support operations.
  4. Coordinates activities in the management of equipment requirement listings for vehicles, automation equipment, and organization equipment.
  5. Conducts productivity and parts analysis to streamline maintenance operations and procedures.
  6. Serves as an advisor to the branch manager in all matters pertaining to maintenance operations, internal maintenance training and external training events.
  7. Interfaces with Office of Program Management (OPM) on a variety of maintenance and support issues.
  8. Submits required daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance and training reports to the Division, OPM, and other required organizations.
  9. Interfaces with contractors as required.
  10. Assist the branch manager in facility improvements and facility maintenance.
  11. Represents the branch manager in maintenance and training meetings as required.
  12. Serves as the single point of contact and manager of the branch calendars.
  13. Performs other duties as required to complete mission.

B. Independence: Acts under the general supervision of the branch manager. Performs within broad objectives with significant choice of methods.

C. Supervisory Responsibilities: Supervises personnel as required.


A. Education Level: Associates Degree recommended or equivalent combination of education and experience.

B. Experience: A minimum of five (5) years’ experience in performing maintenance and operation functions to include, trend analysis of maintenance operations and parts, training managements, maintenance briefings and slide development. Previous Operations experience at the Battalion or Brigade level preferred.

C. Specific knowledge, skill, ability, requirements: Must have basic/advanced computer operations knowledge, including MS Office (MS Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint) software and capable of typing at least 45 words per minute, error free. Knowledge and experience in management practices/policies, ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing. Ability to interact with the US Army and MNG personnel. Must possess analytical capability and techniques required to perform analysis, interpret data and information, and develop trends. Possess a valid vehicle driver’s license. A former Senior Non-commissioned or Company / Field Grade Commissioned Officer or equivalent civilian experience and education is a plus.

ID: 2018-3059

Category: Logistics and Maintenance Training