Vinnell Arabia Chief Training Team 2 in United States


Supervises Training Team 2 that consists of maneuver Subject Matter Experts (SME) who mentor and train platoon to company size Ministry of National Guard Units. Responsible for maneuver and internal security unit collective training to include field training exercises. Facilitates training and ensures Training Team 2 is prepared to accomplish its tasks. Provides input to the Unit Training Plan. Provides advice and assistance with planning, preparation, and coordination during training and field training exercises to Company Commanders and Platoon leaders.

A. Duties/Responsibilities:

  1. Develops programs of instruction, lesson plans, training aids, training publications, and other products in support of the Unit Training Program.
  2. Develops operations plans, orders, and graphics with particular emphasis on tactical unit training products.
  3. Assists in the planning, preparation, and execution of collective training events requested by the Ministry of National Guard and approved by the Office of Program Management.
  4. Coaches and mentors tactical unit leaders during the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP), focusing on the appropriate Warfighting Functions.
  5. Coaches and mentors company leaders during the Rapid Decision Making and Synchronization Process.
  6. Coaches and mentors conventional and internal security tactics, techniques, and procedures.
  7. Coaches and mentors opposing forces as required.
  8. Prepares Joint Training Plan Outlines (JTPO), training concept briefs, training schedules, and other planning documents as required.
  9. Assists in the development and maintenance of the Unit Training Program (UTP).
  10. Identifies, prepares, requests, draws/stores equipment for training activities, as required.
  11. Performs duties of Observer Controller - Trainer during exercises as required.
  12. Performs duties as opposing force during field training exercises as required.
  13. Performs other functions as assigned.

B. Independence: Performs his duties under the supervision of the Manager, UTS.

C. Supervisory Responsibilities: Supervises two (2) U.S. Mentor/Trainers and three (3) Interpreter/Translators.


*A. Education Level: *Graduate of Maneuver Captain's Career course or equivalent required; CGSC/ILE preferred. Bachelor degree required; Master’s degree preferred.

*B. Experience: *Infantry officer with 4 years of military training and operations experience with maneuver unit at company, battalion, or brigade required. Previous Combat Training Center or operational deployment experience preferred. Combination of military and jobsite experience may be substituted. Former Company Commander preferred. Former Company Grade Officer required; Field Grade officer preferred.

C. Specific knowledge, skill, and ability, requirements: Must be able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing. Must be able to interface with U.S. Army and MNG Officers. Knowledge of current U.S. Military tactics; in addition, training doctrine. Possess a valid driver’s license. Computer literate: MS Windows 10, MS Office 2016.

ID: 2018-3053

Category: Unit Training