MissionEssential Computer and Network Security Investigator in United States

Description:;• Conduct administrative investigations; provide computer and network forensic analysis support to investigators; directly support responses to computer and network security incidents; and perform other duties as assigned.• Investigate complaints of fraud, waste and abuse, data spills, and network penetrations.• Investigate and eradicate computer viruses and malicious code.• Respond to incidents or violations involving computers and cybersecurity.• Evaluate system and program security vulnerabilities; develop procedures and countermeasures that protect operations.• Incorporate all security disciplines; recommend and develop requirements, specifications, designs, and procedures that satisfy program security policy and planning guidance.• Monitor implementation of security requirements for Government and Industry facilities and systems.• Participate in technical meetings and working groups to address issues related to computer security and vulnerabilities.• Provide training in Cybersecurity Awareness.• Develop and Deliver professional investigative and analytical reports and briefings.