MissionEssential Computer Security Investigator and Systems Administrator in United States

Description:;• Conduct and support administrative investigations by maintaining internal analytical/forensic computer hardware, software, networks, and support features; perform system and network configurations; enable and track backups and related functions that guarantee the availability, reliability, and integrity of systems and case-related/other information; and perform other duties as assigned.• Prepare IT security plans in accordance with (IAW) current regulations, and implement IAW governing computer security policies.• Establish and maintain the information system security posture for customer.• Perform computer security functions (i.e. maintaining computer forensic laboratory computers, software, networks, hardware, licensing, etc.).• Assist in developing and delivering computer security awareness products and briefings.• Prepare, write and present reports and briefings as required.• Ensure documentation meets compliance with prevailing Federal Governing directives for IT systems.• Identifies risks to computer systems and makes recommendations for corrective actions.• Ensure that antivirus and other system security patches are applied and checked on a regular basis.• Reviews computer system certification documentation for completeness and accuracy.• Participate in technical meetings and working groups to address issues related to computer security and vulnerabilities.• Facilitates the Certification and Accreditation (C&A) process by working through stakeholders to meet compliance requirements.