Vinnell Arabia Curriculum Developer Instructor Advisor in United States



Assists in planning, coordinating, developing, and evaluating the curriculum for the Ministry of National Guard’s (MNG) Command and General Staff College (CGSC). Participates in the curriculum development process as an author of assigned curriculum in accordance with LDB Configuration Management processes and standards. Using the ADDIE (analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate) Model as a basis for instructional design, designs and/or develops curriculum in English to be administered in the adult learning environment. Ensures quality course instructional content and ensures that the curriculum is/are prepared and ready for peer review; quality assurance/control quality (QA/CQ) in compliance with configuration management; vault and digital file storage; and on-time delivery of the syllabus/syllabi to the Office of the Program Manager-Ministry of National Guard (OPM-MNG). Works as a member of the Curriculum and Faculty Development (CFD) Section. Liaises as course author and subject matter expert to ensure proper translation and understanding of course material. Oversees and/or implements the edits for approved revision of respective course files in English. Supports the MNG Faculty Development Program (FDP) and provides instruction, advice, and assistance to the faculty. Assists in coordination and mediation with Unified Team (UT) members from MNG, OPM-MNG, and Vinnell Arabia (VA) pertaining to his respective courses.


A. Duties/responsibilities:

  1. Assists theCFD Section Manager and the Curriculum & Faculty Support Section Manager in executing work priorities and in coordinating contract requirements among MNG, OPM-MNG, and other appropriate Vinnell organizations.

  2. Assists the CFD Section Manager and Curriculum & Faculty Support Section Manager in ensuring all curriculum development is accomplished to


3.Independence: Performs his duties under the supervision of the CFD Section Manager and Curriculum & Faculty Support Section Manager; performs within broad objectives with significant choice of methods. Frequently develops methods to achieve desired results.


A. Duties/Responsibilities: (Continuation)

  1. Assists the CFD Section Manager and Curriculum & Faculty Support Section Manager in functions not directly assigned to other management activities as directed, to include ongoing additional duty responsibilities for the CFD Section and by exception for LDB Headquarters.
  2. As requested assists the CFD Section Manager and Curriculum & Faculty Support Section Manager in the overall direction and management of CFDS activities, to include planning and execution of team goals, objectives and functional aspects; and preparation of respective written products for coordination purposes and established policy.
  3. Develops curriculum for MNG-CGSC consisting in part, of:the advance sheet; course rubric; lesson map; slides; multimedia products; practical exercise; lesson plan(s), course assessment instruments, glossary for Multi-Media Translation team (MTT), and packaging for delivery.
  4. Coordinates as required across branch components to ensure effective multimedia integration and translation of respective syllabi.
  5. As required, participates as a member of a cross-functional team in support of branch projects, Capstone Exercise integration into curriculum, implementation of the Capstone Exercise, and curriculum revision.
  6. Plans and coordinates curriculum development with the Curriculum & Faculty Support Section Manager , as well as with the Section Chief QACQ as required; ensures that all curriculum material produced as working, staffing and coordinating draft undergoes the internal QACQ processes established for the CFD Section’s configuration management process, to include Concept Plan presentation and peer review inspections as required.
  7. Ensures that respective course files and material are integrated into established hard copy and digital knowledge management systems, databases, etc., and that ongoing work is backed up per SOP.
  8. Assists the CFD Section Manager and Curriculum & Faculty Support Section Manager with contract compliance, appropriate adherence with performance plans, and general implementation of the Performance Work Statement.
  9. Assists and liaises as required to effect proper translation, to include course glossary development, multimedia integration, Capstone Exercise integration, instruction, internal and MNG Faculty understanding, and revision of assigned respective course syllabi.
  10. Responsible for compliance with Vinnell Arabia (VA) policies and standing operating procedures (SOPs).
  11. Performs other duties as directed.

B. Supervisory Responsibilities: None.

  1. Education Level: Master’s degree preferred. CGSC graduate required; graduate of senior service school desirable. An equivalent combination
  2. of senior faculty experience, educational theory development and practice, college level courses, military training, and or job site experience may
  3. be substituted.
  4. Experience: Retired field grade officer. Equivalent U.S. Naval/U.S. Marine Corps or U.S. Air Force rank and CGSC accepted.
  5. War College graduate preferred. Military and/or civilian college level faculty or service school experience as a curriculum developer and/or
  6. instructor preferred. Academic credentials (i.e. Ph.D., extensive faculty experience, publications records, etc.), by exception, may substitute
  7. for CGSC and/or military experience. Three years minimum experience at brigade or higher-level staff preferred.
  8. Specific Knowledge, Skill, and Ability Requirements: Project management, extensive knowledge and working experience with U.S. Army logistics
  9. , force development, resource management, doctrine and/or curriculum development procedures, combined arms, and peace/stability
  10. operations are desirable. Must have a general knowledge of the U.S. Military “Systems Approach to Training” including
  11. instructional techniques and procedures. Professional training experience in a multicultural environment is preferred. Proficient in
  12. MS Office Professional software. Must possess a valid US driver’s license.

ID: 2018-3035

Category: Institutional Training

Hire Type: Replacement