Vinnell Arabia FMS Support Specialist in United States


Operate and maintain a Purchase Request (PR) program for Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and non-FMS materiel in support of customers. Assist with the operation of the Supply Discrepancy (SDR) and Repair and Return (R&R;) programs.

A. Duties/responsibilities:

  1. Create and submit purchase requests for FMS and non-FMS materiel in support of customers
  2. Monitor the flow of requests through each segment of the purchase process to provide supply progress
  3. Coordinate with contractor entities to ensure proper tracking and quality control of requested materiel
  4. Maintain hard-copy files of all purchase requests
  5. Maintain the automated files required to compile statistics to prepare recurrent and specialized reports such as demand history
  6. Assist with the operation of the SDR and R&R; programs.
  7. Perform other mission-related tasks as directed and as required

*B. Independence: *Works under the general supervision of the FMS Support Specialist.

*C. Supervisory Responsibilities: *None.


*A. Education Level: *Associate degree. Work experience and job performance may be substituted.

B. Experience: Five years’ experience in materiel management. Experience managing a United States (U.S.) military stock activity desired.

*C. Specific knowledge, skill, ability requirement: *Must be able to operate a personal computer. Must be proficient in written and oral communication.

ID: 2018-3032

Category: Logistics and Maintenance Training