Combined Insurance Global Casualty-Domestic Underwriter - Chubb Associate Program in United States

Chubb Associate Program

Qualifications & Success Profile

A b out C h ubb

W e a r e the w o r l d’ s lar g est public l y t ra ded p r ope rt y and c a su al t y in s u r er with ope ra tions in 54 c o untries, ex ceptional finan c ial st r en g th, and a b r o a d r an g e
of personal and comme rc ial in s u r ance p r odu c ts. As an unde r writing compa ny , w e assess, as s ume and mana g e r is k with insight and d i s c ipline. W e se r vice and p a y o ur claims fai rl y and p r ompt ly . W e combine the p r e ci sion of cr aftsman s hip with de ca des of ex perience t o conce iv e o ur cr aft and del iv er the v e r y best in s u r ance c ov e r a g e and se r vice t o ind i vid u als and families, and businesses of all sizes.

Ch ub b’ s in s u r ance businesses in No r th Ameri c a se rv e clients r anging f r om the lar g est m ultin a tionals, mid - size
companies and small businesses t o high net w o r th ind i vid u als, middl e -income con s umers and farmers and r anchers.

Wh o W e A r e

W e a r e a uni q ue global organi za tion with a cultu r e of ind i vid u als passion at e l y commit t ed t o o ur r e s pe c t iv e cr afts.
W ith unde r writing a t o ur co r e, each of us contribu t es t o p ro viding the best in s u r ance c ov e r a g e and se r vice t o
o ur clients. W o r king tog ethe r , w e a r e one C h ub b . Our high l y collabo ra t iv e, inclus iv e n a tu r e helps us dr iv e bet t er business o u t comes th ro ugh d iv ersi t y of backg ro und, ex periences, insights and v alues. W e a p p r oach p r oblems with a c an - do a ttitude and a r e commit t ed t o d ev eloping deep r el a tion s hips — all w hile m o ving q uick l y t o meet client needs.

Ch ubb Ass o cia t e P ro g r am

W e a r e looking f or those in t e r es t ed in a c a r eer th a t helps people mitig at e r is k and r ec ov er f r om the un ex pe ct ed th ro ugh in s u r ance. W e’ r e seeking c andid at es with bachelo r’ s d e g r ees t o join o ur C h ubb Asso c i at e P ro g r am.

A s th e indust ry leade r i n Prope r t y & Cas u alt y insurance , Chub b is a n employer o f choic e fo r individ u al s aspirin g t o develo p a meanin g fu l c aree r i n a fast- paced , hig h performin g company .
W e’ r e drivin g digi t a l transformatio n in ou r busines s s o oppo r tunitie s abound. Thes e ar e full-tim e position s an d offer a compellin g oppo r tunit y t o joi n a global , growing , finan c iall y s t abl e and successfu l company . W e hav e designed ou r Chub b Asso c iat e Pr o gra m t o hone
y o u r skill s an d t alent s t o hel p yo u reach you r c aree r goals . B y joinin g th e Chubb Asso c iat e Pr o gram , yo u wil l b e pa rt of a n experienc e tha t suppo r t s th e well-
r o unde d developmen t o f c riti c a l business skill s whic h i n tur n contribute s t o the futur e succes s o f ou r company . Ou r tw o yea r pr o gra m is designe d t o include hands - o n busines s assignment s i n one
o f a variet y o f d i s c iplines , intera c tiv e classroo m instru c tion , tea m assignments an d dire ct intera c tio n wit h othe r earl y c aree r professional s a s wel l a s experienced professional s an d engage d leaders . A s pa rt o f th is pr o gra m yo u wil l experience :

  • Challenging assignments and the o p po r tuni t y t o contribu t e t o the r e s ults of a t eam

  • C ollabora t iv e learning and g ro up assignments with p ro g r am members t o help gain b r o a der organi za tional unders t anding;

  • T echni c a l trainin g t o deepe n you r skill leve l withi n you r chose n discipline ; an d an understandin g o f ou r broade r industry ;

  • Int erpersonal ef f e c t iv eness s kill d ev elopment t o help yo u enhance com m uni ca tion and in t e r a c t iv e s kills;

  • E x ecutiv e enga g ement all o wing p ro g r am members the o p po r tuni t y t o ne tw o r k and learn f r om C h ub b’ s th o ught le a ders;

  • P eer men t oring s u p po r t t o help members n a vig at e th ro ugh p r o f essional sit ua tions in their ea rl y d ev elopment;

  • A p a t hwa y t o le a der s hip d ev elopment o p po r tunities and global assignments

    D esir ed Qualifications

  • Bachelor’ s d e g r ee in ma n y m a jors will be conside r ed

  • Str ong G P A; 3. 3 or higher p r e f er r ed

  • Prior w o r k ex perience (including s ummer or pa r t time r oles)
    or in t ern s hips p r e f er r ed

  • L e a der s hi p experienc e throug h wor k o r involvemen t in
    com m uni ty service , athletics , clubs , o r othe r activitie s preferred

  • T echnic al l y a dept / digi t al l y s a vvy


    S uccess P r ofile

    Pr o f essionals a t C h ubb come f r om ma n y backg ro unds and ex periences, contributing t o the rich d iv ersi t y in o ur compa ny . Our s uccess p r ofile i s der iv ed f r om a set of compe t en c ies and personal a ttribu t es th a t h av e p rov en t o le a d t o meanin g ful business o u t comes w hich dr iv e the business f o rw a r d.

    Competencies & Personal Attributes Business Outcomes S olutions oriented: Ability to identify problems, develop and evaluate options and implement solutions.

  • Develops out of the box solutions to resolve business issues

  • R emains ahead of competition through innovative thinking Intellectual agility: Quickly grasps concepts and information.

  • Delivers results through technical expertise and analysis Communication effectiveness: Listens for understanding and speaks and writes with impact

  • U nders t and s client needs in order to customize solutions that drive growth

  • Effectively presents Chubb products and services to build business C olla b o r at iv e and team oriented: Sha r e s and listens to perspectives and opinions of others and can work in a group in support of a common goal

  • A chieves business results in partnership with others that are greater than could have been produced individually Outcome minded: C ommitted to execution and driving results while taking accountability for outcomes

  • M eets deadlines and ensures satisfaction leading to new and renewal business

  • C ontributes to profitability through timely execution of business objectives and priorities Customer focused: Ability to build rapport and respond to client requests without compromising business requirements

  • R ecognized as a trusted business partner for existing and prospective client P assiona t e and committed: C onscientious, enthusiastic, hardworking, and dedicated

  • A reliable and energetic resource that meets tight deadlines with accuracy and compelling work product A daptable: Capable of shifting attention to accommodate changes in business priorities and receptive to new ideas and approaches.

  • A djusts approach to meet business demands Confident and capable: Presence and ability to articulate an idea, gain consensus and achieve exceptional results

  • Demonstrates accountability and ownership of work and successfully delivers on assignments V alues oriented: U pholds and models the characteristics of “Who We Are” and always does the right thing for the company, colleagues and customers

  • W idely trusted by others; acts with integrity

  • F osters collaboration to deliver exceptional products and services to customers

    H o w t o a p p ly ?

    T o a p p l y f or positions on o ur c a r eer po rt al and t o find in f orm a tion on the C h ubb Asso c i at e P ro g r am, v i sit o ur w ebsi t e a t: https: // www2 . c h ub b. com / us - en /c a r eer s/ ea rly-c a r ee r .a sp x

    If yo u h a d a n y q uestions, send us an email t o E arl yCa r ee r @c h ub b. com

    Chubb is the marketing name used to refer to subsidiaries of Chubb Limited providinginsurance and related services.For a list of thesesubsidiaries, pleasevisit our website at Insurance provided by U.S. basedChubb underwriting companies. All products may not be availablein all states. Coverage is subject to the language of the policies asactually issued.

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Title: Global Casualty-Domestic Underwriter - Chubb Associate Program

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