MissionEssential Insider Threat Counterintelligence Analyst in United States

Description:;• Conduct counterintelligence analysis.• Triage data of anomalous events collected by User Activity Monitoring (UAM) Tool. Elevate anomalous events of concern.• Produce Insider Threat Referral Reports (investigative leads) that document issues on computer misuse, various violations of policies, counterintelligence concerns, foreign influence, financial stressors, threats to self or others, Continuous Evaluation (CE), adjudicative and other insider threat or other concerns. Document referrals in written products and reports.• Provide analytic case support to investigations, administrative or security inquiries, counterintelligence risk assessments, or other adjudicative assessments, OIG misconduct issues, DoD investigations and 811 counterespionage referrals to external Federal Law Enforcement agencies. Document all referral activities in written products and reports.• Complete special analytical projects as directed by government supervisors. Document in written products and reports.• Access and integrate information from agency network monitoring tools and other data analytics tools and sources to decipher underlying trends or uncover anomalies and discern obscure patterns and attributes.• Prepare and present analysis, in the form of briefings and/or reports, to government client.• Perform proactive inquiries and collaborate with investigative entities, IC organizations, and Law Enforcement agencies/entities, at the direction and oversight of government supervisors.