Vinnell Arabia Instructor, ELTS in United States


Teaches the English language and American culture to MNG personnel to assist them in achieving the mission-goal of English language qualification.

A. Duties/responsibilities:

  1. Teaches English to MNG personnel, to include:
  • Preparation of daily lesson plans.

  • Development of supplementary materials.

  • Use of appropriate techniques in the classroom.

  • Assigning and grading homework.

  • Providing remedial instruction when required.

  • Follows Vinnell and ELTS administrative regulations.

  • Meets established deadlines.

  • Presents a neat, professional appearance in the workplace.

  • Demonstrates a positive, constructive attitude toward the job, fellow workers, and the ELTS.

  • Demonstrates initiative and professionalism in the solving of pedagogical and administrative problems.

  • Substitutes for the Principal Trainer when required.

  • Performs other mission- or administrative-related duties as required or assigned.

B. Independence: Works under the general guidance of the Chief, ELTS and Principal Trainers, ELTS.

C. Supervisory Responsibilities: None.


A. Education Level: In order of preference: 1) M.A. in teaching English as a Second Language or Education; 2) B.A. or B.S. in Linguistics; 3) B.A or B.S. in English or a foreign language. 4) B.A. or B.S. in any discipline plus a Certification in Teaching English as a foreign or second language.

B. Experience: Minimum two years teaching English as a foreign language or second language.

C. Specific Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Requirements: Native speaker of the American language; training at American universities; ability to teach and evaluate students effectively; skill in managing a class; skill in using language lab equipment; skill in using SMART Boards. Must be computer literate and proficient with Microsoft Office Professional software.

ID: 2018-2787

Category: English Language Training Section