Vinnell Arabia Instructor, ELTS in United States


Teaches the English language and American culture to MNG personnel to assist them in achieving the mission-goal of English language qualification.

A. Duties/responsibilities:

  1. Teaches English to MNG personnel, to include:
  2. Preparation of daily lesson plans.
  3. Development of supplementary materials.
  4. Use of appropriate techniques in the classroom.
  5. Assigning and grading homework.
  6. Providing remedial instruction when required.
  7. Follows Vinnell and ELTS administrative regulations.
  8. Meets established deadlines.
  9. Presents a neat, professional appearance in the workplace.
  10. Demonstrates a positive, constructive attitude toward the job, fellow workers, and the ELTS.
  11. Demonstrates initiative and professionalism in the solving of pedagogical and administrative problems.
  12. Substitutes for the Principal Trainer when required.
  13. Performs other mission- or administrative-related duties as required or assigned.

B. Independence: Works under the general guidance of the Chief, ELTS and Principal Trainers, ELTS.

C. Supervisory Responsibilities: None.


A. Education Level: In order of preference: 1) M.A. in teaching English as a Second Language or Education; 2) B.A. or B.S. in Linguistics; 3) B.A or B.S. in English or a foreign language. 4) B.A. or B.S. in any discipline plus a Certification in Teaching English as a foreign or second language.

*b. Experience: *Minimum two years teaching English as a foreign language or second language.

*C. Specific Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Requirements: *Native speaker of the American language; training at American universities; ability to teach and evaluate students effectively; skill in managing a class; skill in using language lab equipment; skill in using SMART Boards. Must be computer literate and proficient with Microsoft Office Professional software.

ID: 2018-3044

Category: English Language Training Section