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Mission Essential is seeking JSOC Senior - Lessons Learned Specialists (JS-LLS) to support unique USSOCOM component command requirements.; JSOC Senior - Lessons Learned Specialists (JS-LLS), perform lessons learned collecting, archiving, analyzing observations, insights, and lessons in order to resolve and disseminate the required information to the appropriate organizations, units, or personnel in the form of reports, summaries, or briefings and perform all related activities required to Collect, Archive, Analyze, Resolve, and Disseminate (CAARD) information resulting from operations, exercises, and training events. Duty positions require personnel that understand the highly complex Special Operations and Department of Defense cultures, to include policies and processes.;


Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:


·;;;;;; Performs high level analysis through quantitative/qualitative research, independent evaluations of operations, exercises, wargames and experimentations to assess the effectiveness of DOTMLPF&P throughout the Command and develop standards for new and/or existing requirements to alter training or operational missions and program.

·;;;;;; Coordinates with HQUSSOCOM, JSOC staff, subordinate commands, and TSOCs leadership to provide focus area study recommendations, command synchronization efforts and quarterly feedback findings

·;;;;;; Documents special project staff roles, responsibilities, organization and processes for best practices and efficiencies that support the Command’s Mission and Vision.;

·;;;;;; Perform all CAARD related activities resulting from observations, insights, and lessons learned within JSOC Headquarters.

·;;;;;; Leverages cross-functional military Services and government agencies analytical studies and LL to recommend adjustments to JSOC processes

·;;;;;; Briefs and advises senior JSOC leadership on the effectiveness of the LL findings,; potential approaches, benefits for capability resolution, and implications

·;;;;;; Supports the preparation and presentation of studies that support command requirements and activities.

·;;;;;; Employs expert research (Master’s degree) skills to conduct independent evaluations of the JSOC findings to advise senior JSOC leadership on potential approaches, benefits for capability resolution, and implications to DOTMLPF&P.

·;;;;;; Leverages cross-functional military Services and government agencies analytical studies and LL to support adjustments to JSOC processes.

·;;;;;; Coordinates with DoD and interagency to synchronize JSOC LL efforts, findings, and sharing of best practices.

·;;;;;; Compile Before Action Reports, After Action Reports, Executive Summaries, Post Activity Bulletins and Requests for Information. Documentation shall be complete and include substantiated findings and recommendations, consistent with a high level of quality control and distribution ready. The documentation shall also be audience-specific and captured at the appropriate security level.;;

·;;;;;; Develop and maintain an electronic resource, to include key points of contact, to be used for mission continuity that may be accessed by all stakeholders.