Vinnell Arabia Manager, Medical Training Branch in United States


Directs the planning and training management cycle execution of Contractor activities in support of the Ministry of the National Guard (MNG) medical unit fielding, new equipment training, and sustainment training programs. Supervises the conduct, design, and execution of modernization-training and unit sustainment programs for battalion medical platoons and units subordinate to the Military Field Medical Command (MFMC). Oversees and provides for supervision of medical training assistance team programs oriented toward ensuring the collective and individual skills training of medical soldiers and officers meets established standards for providing professional combat health support (CHS) through all levels of field medical care. Supervises and directs medical logistics personnel with a goal of preparing medical sets, kits, and outfits for use with medical unit modernization training programs. Supervises and directs leadership development personnel in the execution of directed unit level training efforts. Ensures sustainment of the professional and paraprofessional certifications of Contractor employees assigned or attached to the Medical Training Branch.

A. Duties/Responsibilities:

  1. Plans, directs and supervises modernization and sustainment training for the medical elements of non-medical MNG units and subordinate units of the MFMC.
  2. Directs development and revision of medical unit fielding, new equipment training (NET), and sustainment training programs to as required to ensure conformity with approved operational doctrine, policy, and procedures for MNG units.
  3. Ensures training programs and operational processes are in accordance with US Government guidelines for individual skills sustainment training, unit collective training, command and staff operations, and the professional development of National Guard officers and noncommissioned officers.
  4. Provides for and supervises execution of coaching, training, and assistance to designated Saudi Arabian National Guard (SANG) medical units and elements in all aspects of combat health support, unit level medical logistics management, and materiel readiness.
  5. Supervises and directs assigned or attached medical logistics personnel in preparing medical sets, kits and outfits for issue in support of unit NET and fielding programs.
  6. Supervises and directs assigned or attached leadership development personnel in preparing for and executing a variety of associated leadership development training iterations.
  7. Assists the Senior Manager, Health Affairs Division (HAD) and the Commander, MFMC on creation of new programs or modification of existing programs to satisfy MNG Health Support (CHS) training needs.
  8. Provides for and supervises performance of combat health support training programs for medical unit commanders, staff personnel, and other SANG organizations as directed.
  9. Acts as the point of contact for feedback to the Allied Health Sciences Education Branch on lessons learned during training and unit operations to facilitate development and revision of instructional materials and course matter.
  10. Provides Subject Matter Expertise to assist the design and development of new CHS doctrine, organizations, tactics, techniques, and procedures with related training and instructional materials to support SANG goals for developing a modern, effective, and efficient field medical force capable of independent operation.
  11. As required, functions as the acting Division Manager in the absence of the Division Manager.

B. Independence: Operates independently within principles and guidelines agreed upon with the Manager, Health Affairs Division (HAD) and in coordination with other management personnel to accomplish organizational objectives and goals.

C. Supervisory Responsibilities: Manager for a 46 person medical training branch composed of both US and Saudi personnel.


A. Education Level: Bachelor’s degree required; Master’s degree preferred. Graduate of Command and General Staff College, ILE or service equivalent.

B. Experience: Ten (10) years’ experience in senior leadership and/or staff positions in field combat health service support operations or fixed medical treatment facilities. Five (5) years of experience must be in field medical training and/or operations, to include being familiar with the concepts of modernized battlefield operations (medical).

C. Specific knowledge, skill, ability and requirements: Thorough knowledge and understanding of CHS on the integrated battlefield. Must be knowledgeable of the health care continuum from the point of injury to fixed treatment facilities with a strong understanding of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC). Must understand force integration techniques and complete operational integration of units into the active force, to include documentation, training, manning, and equipping of field medical organizations. Must be familiar with principles governing tactical information and medical logistics systems. Must be computer literate in MS-Word based programs. Must possess a valid driver’s license.

ID: 2018-3045

Category: Health Care Training