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MissionEssential MID-LEVEL ISR ASSESSMENTS MANAGER in United States

Mission Essential is seeking ISR Assessments Manager to engage with analysts, determine intelligence needs, identify and develop possible collection postures and strategies, and convert these intelligence needs into collection requirements to satisfy USCENTCOM intelligence requirements. This includes establishing priorities, taking or coordinating with appropriate collection sources or agencies, monitoring results, and re-tasking as required. ISR Assessments Managers will support solicitation, coordination, research de-confliction, creation/registration, prioritization, and validation of multiple intelligence (GEOINT, MASINT, SIGINT, HUMINT) discipline collection requirements management (CRM) per standing policy. This will include associated issue trackers and requirements tracker (internal), and collection requirements programs of record. ;He/she will translate received requirements into discipline-specific language in accordance with SOPs and Combat Support Agency (CSA) guidance. ;This job function includes associated issue trackers and requirements tracker (internal), and collection requirement programs of record. ;He/she will research and manage USCENTCOM Theater priorities or Intelligence Community (IC) priorities and guidance to align USCENTCOM collection requests with priorities, and balances time sensitive requests with standing collection requirements to ensure appropriate deployment of ISR assets. ;This will include managing the daily/weekly Joint Intelligence Prioritized Collection List/Component Intelligence Collection List database as required. ;He/she will monitor and routinely provide updates to requestors on the status of USCENTCOM collection requirements. ;Specifically, will monitor and routinely provide updates to requestors on the status of collection requirements and adjusts requirements to ensure optimal deployment of limited assets. He/she will solicit, assess, review and publish HUMIT Intelligence Report Evaluations from USCENTCOM analytical teams. ;This includes tracking, maintaining and briefing the status of evaluations associated with IIRs in FINTEL and IIR responses to Source Directed Requirements (SDRsw). ;He/she will develop requested products reflecting current and future collection operations and postures for the USCENTCOM AOR, additionally will provide when requested input policy, procedures, and doctrine relating to collection operations in the USCENTCOM AOR.