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Mission Essential is seeking ISR Operations/Mission Manager to:

· Utilize, build, maintain research, establish, administer, and update knowledge of the primary Collection Requirements Management systems for support to collection JSR planning, operations, and assessments.

· Support and perform TMT, E-Task, JSAPs, and other associated tasking mechanisms, content management, or other functions supporting collection ISR planning, operations, and assessments for overarching JSR Division daily operations.

· Assess multi-INT collection operations.

· Detail the effectiveness of an ISR operation or mission in achieving stated objectives, supporting Commander's priorities or meeting specified Measures of Effectiveness (MoE) and Measures of Performance (MoP).

· Capture data throughout the ISR cycle representing planned, tasked, and executed ISR operations.

· Monitor and understand the results of collection or other ISR related activity.

· Collate and analyze the data.

· Produce well and clearly written assessments in a specified format detailing the effectiveness of a collection platform, available on both SIPR and JWICS.

· Products will include, but not limited to, ISR Platform Effectiveness Assessments, General ISR Assessments, and MoE/MoP Development.