Vinnell Arabia Senior Supervisor, Maintenance and Operations, RNG UWC (KAA) in United States


Coordinates and manages the assistance and training to National Guard counterparts on the operation, safety, security and maintenance of the KAA Range Complex Urban Warfare Complex (UWC). Supervises subordinate range operations/maintenance personnel.

A. Duties/responsibilities:

  1. Supervises subordinate KAA range personnel with specialties in maintenance, safety and security.

  2. Assists Chief Supervisor, KAA Range Maintenance and Operations with KAA UWC related operations to include planning, safety, security, and maintenance.

  3. Assists Chief Supervisor, KAA Range Maintenance and Operations with maintaining the overall direction and supervision of the functions required to support the KAA Range Complex.

  4. Operates UWC After Action and support systems.

  5. Assists and advises MNG in UWC capabilities to enhance scenario creation and execution.

  6. Performs other mission-related functions and duties as required.

  7. Acts under the general supervision of the Chief Supervisor, Range Maintenance and Operations (KAA); performs to a large extent under own responsibility with some choice of methods.

B. Supervisory Responsibilities: Supervises subordinate personnel assigned to the KAA Range Complex.


*A. Education Level: *High School Degree required. Associates degree preferred. Officer or Noncommissioned Officer Senior Leaders Course Graduate preferred.

B. Experience: A minimum of four (4) years experience in Close Quarters Combat (CQB)or Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) training. CQB or MOUT instructor preferred. Experienced in range maintenance and operation. Experienced in the construction of safety fans for direct and indirect fire weapons. Former commissioned officer or senior noncommissioned officer.

C. Specific knowledge, skill, ability, requirements: Knowledge of policies principles and procedures in the operation and maintenance of a firing range complex. Detailed knowledge of capabilities of a variety of military weapons systems. Detailed knowledge of all aspects of range safety. Knowledge of supervisory principles and techniques. Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing. Ability to deal effectively with people. Must be computer literate, skilled in the use of Microsoft Office programs and familiar with automated training systems operation.

ID: 2018-3043

Category: Unit Training