Vinnell Arabia Senior Trainer, Ammunition Surveillance in United States


Assist Directorate of Weapons and Ammunition (DWA) in the ammunition surveillance, inspection, storage, maintenance, and disposal programs to ensure that materials in the ammunition stockpile meet established explosive safety standards, reliability criteria, and are properly classified.

A. Duties/Responsibilities:

  1. Train DWA personnel in the determination of ammunition surveillance requirements.
  2. Train DWA personnel in performing 100% inspection of ammunition storage facilities and general storage areas.
  3. Train DWA personnel in performing safety and storage inspections, and making appropriate corrections in accordance with safety standards as outlined in Safety Bulletins (SB) 742-1, Department of the Army Pamphlet (DA PAM) 385-64 and DWA Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
  4. Train DWA in developing periodic inspections cycles for all basic loads and training ammunition.
  5. Train DWA to comply with storage compatibility requirements as outlined in DA PAM 385-64 and DWA SOP’s.
  6. Train DWA in the safe transportation of hazardous materials to include tie-down procedures, out-load drawings and vehicle inspection.
  7. Train DWA personnel in performing ammunition maintenance and disposal procedures.
  8. Performs other duties as assigned.

B. Independence: Under general supervision of the Chief Trainer, Ammunition Surveillance. Makes own decisions in the absence of specific guidance.

*C. Supervisory Responsibilities: *One (1) Assistant Trainer.


A. Education Level: Associates Degree preferred, or ten (10) years’ experience in the munitions field may be substituted in lieu of the education requirement, supplemented by appropriate military or civilian training in ammunition surveillance and inspection programs.

B. Experience:At least ten (10) years’ experience in specialty area of U.S. military ammunition surveillance.

C. Specific knowledge, skill, ability requirements: Former Non-Commissioned Officer, Warrant Officer or Department of Defense Civilian with ability to conduct job and task analysis to determine tasks and objectives. Able to communicate effectively with contractor and MNG personnel. Knowledge of automated logistics systems. Computer literate. Possess a valid driver’s license.

ID: 2018-3016

Category: Logistics and Maintenance Training