Vinnell Arabia Sustainment Analyst and Operations Specialist in United States


Lead Change; Sustainment Analyst and Operations Specialist reports to the Senior Sustainment Analyst and Operations Specialist with the duties and responsibilities to analyze the operations of the Sustainment Division Branches. He also acts as the administrative specialist of the MRC. He coordinates, synchronizes, integrates, reviews, analyzes, reports and makes recommendations on trends and ways to improve effectiveness and efficiencies within the Sustainment Division and across the Sustainment Enterprise. He reviews all sustainment related documents, policies, and activities to ensure compliance with stated standards. Provides the Senior Sustainment Analyst and Operations Specialist with sustainment related functional advice and assistance. Maintains the MRC Running Estimate. Helps to Plan, Prepare, Execute, and Assess Sustainment Support and Training.

A. Duties/Responsibilities:

  1. Leads change in Sustainment operations.

  2. Plan, coordinate, synchronize, integrate, review, analyze, report and make recommendations for improvement of sustainment enterprise operations and training within Vinnell Arabia’s current and future contract requirements.

  3. Keep running estimates and conduct concept of support development in support of Vinnell Arabia Sustainment Operations.

  4. Responsible for gathering reports and analyzing data and information to prepare for the Materiel Readiness Review and Working Group.

  5. Tracks and reports compliance of all Sustainment related PWS tasks.

  6. Performs other missions and administrative duties as required by the Senior Sustainment Analyst and Operations Specialist.

  7. Builds and Maintains the Materiel Readiness Review Briefing.

B. Independence: Works under the general guidance of the Senior Sustainment Analyst and Operations Specialist.

C. Supervisory Responsibilities: May supervise assigned Vinnell Arabia employees.


A. Education Level: Bachelor’s degree required. Intermediate level military training school required. CW3 or SFC and above required; MNT, SUP, or TRAN Branch/MOS required.

B. Experience: A minimum of ten (10) years’ experience in sustainment operations with experience as a SPO. Must be experienced in coordinating Multi-National sustainment operations, preferably in the Middle East. Multi Functional Logistican: Former Logistics Major.

*C. Specific knowledge, skill, abilities: *Knowledge of logistics management policies and procedures; knowledge of training, planning, and development; knowledge of the logistics system; knowledge of management principles and techniques; ability to communicate effectively, computer literate. Ability to build and maintain Power Point Briefings, Excel Spreadsheet, and Word Documents. Can maintain paper files and reports. Possess a valid US driving license and US Passport.

ID: 2018-3057

Category: Logistics and Maintenance Training

Hire Type: Contingent