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Resume Search for Clients

Search for matching Candidates from an easy to use interface.

Automatic Candidate Alerts

Be alerted instantaneously about newly registered candidates via email.

Employer Profiles

Showcase your company with unique content to help brand yourself to the veteran community.

Complete Administrative Control

Configure every member of your team from your CEO down to Customer Support and define how each member can interact with your job boards.

Metrics, Tracking, and Reporting

G.I. Jobs wants your company to be successful in finding quality candidates. Get instant reporting on how your positions are engaging the community.

Custom Dashboards

Customize your dashboards to view what matters most to your recruiting efforts.

Manage More

Take advantage of more features to help you identify the best candidates for your positions.

Text (SMS) Messages

Candidates can opt in for SMS notifications about new messages from employers and job alerts.

Mobile Responsive

These days, 90% of veterans are utilizing the job board via a mobile device. G.I. Jobs supports those visitors right out of the box.

*Not all features are available with a free profile.


Diversity & Inclusion

Race, gender, sexual orientation, age and other protective classes, the veteran helps you meet your recruiting initiatives.

OFCCP Compliance

As of March 31, 2021, the OFCCP benchmark is 5.7%.

Security Clearances

Over 70% of the veteran community has or can obtain a security clearance.

Employee Retention

Hiring and retention of “the right people” is critical to profitability for any organization.

Post Jobs

Manage your job listings.

Manage Your Job Posts

Match Jobs to Candidates

Match the occupation, specialty and job title to qualified potential candidates.

Review Applications

Get access to candidates whom have applied to your job posts. Review the application and follow up for an interview.

Edit Jobs

Create and edit your job posts at any time.

Job Match Notifications

Candidates matching job requirements are immediately notified through email and/or text messaging of job openings.

Discover Quality Candidates

Candidates come from the military with intangible skills your company can benefit from greatly. Many have leadership experience, are educated, team players, tech savvy, disciplined, perform under pressure, are self-starters, and have a mission & results driven attitude. Many even have security clearances they bring with them when they transition out. Take advantage and hire them today!

Gain the Competitive Edge.

Take your candidate search to the next level.

Attend our upcoming G.I. Jobs Virtual Career Expo.


Where Diversity is Built In.

This unique virtual event will enable diversity-focused recruiters and hiring managers to efficiently match and connect with highly-skilled professionals in a safe and inclusive space.

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